Smartech Grinders

S.C. ALPINA COM IMPEX S.R.L. is a producer of a large variety of coffee grinders and roasters. Its offer gained superlative appreciations of all the clients who were beneficiaries of its products. Our coffee grinders range from the small type for offices and restaurants to big machines for food shops supermarkets and coffee roasters

High Quaity Coffee Machines

However, we started making coffee grinders very well and, at the same, we continued to look for the most optimal ways of productivity through highly prospective studies for flourishing future utilizing our explorative capacities throughout Europe where we initiated our studies. Besides, this industry will witness extensive success in forthcoming years.

Coffee grinding company history

In 1980s, SC ALPINA COM IMPEX SRL (that produce SMARTECH grinders) decided to operate in the field of manufacturing coffee grinders since he predicted the prosperous future of such field in our Middle East and African Countries. At that time, the principal drink in Lebanon was coffee. In 1995, he made the first air-cooling grinder that received great success ever since.

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