Services of Maintenance


Our Customer service team are  professional and have excellent experience in helping agents and customers for all needed so we can assure you maintenance on warranty and post-warranty for all this models:

  • JM-801
  • JM-1201
  • JM-1403
  • JM-1803
  • GM-1001
  • GM-1201
  • GM-1403
grinding discs

Precision grinding Discs are made of high quality material that provide best steel Discs that is extremely wear resistant.Even after long and arduous service these valuable parts do not have to be thrown away.

Our Original discs ca be re-sharpened many times with proper care and maintenance.

Re-sharping Grinding Discs
We Re-Sharpe and abrasive discs as all other grinder accessories Parts with the best technologies using CNC machines and we are always up to date in this domain to upgrade our quality by days.
Our specialists can provide you installation service for mounting the discs and other components. For more info please contact us!